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This Day in Baseball - The Daily Rewind

This podcast is for the baseball fan with a curious mind. We bring you one event from each day in the calendar and go well beyond the box score. Our stories are brief and fun and come with some surprises.

Apr 2, 2020

Happy Birthday, Luke Appling!
Born in High Point, North Carolina on April 2, 1907, Lucius Benjamin Appling moved to Atlanta, Georgia with his family as a child. After graduating from Fulton High School, where he played baseball and football, Appling attended Oglethorpe College in Georgia for two years....

Mar 30, 2019

On April 2, 1976 the Oakland A's trade future Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson and World Series hero and Al Start Pitcher Ken Holtzman to the Baltimore Orioles for Don Baylor, Mike Torrez and Paul Mitchell. 

At the time Jackson had won an MVP, made 6 All-Star appearances, was a driving force in 3 Championships, and he was...