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This Day in Baseball - The Daily Rewind

This podcast is for the baseball fan with a curious mind. We bring you one event from each day in the calendar and go well beyond the box score. Our stories are brief and fun and come with some surprises.

Apr 29, 2021

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Today’s classic game features the  Los Angeles Dodgers sporting a 10-10 record - at the (7-11) New York Mets from the Polo Grounds in New York on April 19 1963.  

Today’s starters are Bob Miller for the Dodgers coming in 1-1 and Roger Craig for the Mets who is at 1-2.

Special note –  the expansion Mets have had a home coming featuring Charlie Neal, Norm Sherry, Gil Hodges and Duke Snider all former Dodgers with everyone except Sherry playing in Brooklyn.

This game is played at night in front of 23,494 fans. I hope you enjoy todays game, it is brought to you from the Internet Achieves Classic Radio Broadcasts and This day in baseball has thousands of classic moments in baseball history. Pick a day, season, player and you will see countless memories and moments.