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This Day in Baseball - The Daily Rewind

This podcast is for the baseball fan with a curious mind. We bring you one event from each day in the calendar and go well beyond the box score. Our stories are brief and fun and come with some surprises.

Jun 23, 2021

June 22, 1969, At Wrigley Field, Bob Bailey after missing still recovering from a spring training injury becomes the first Montreal Expo to hit 2 home runs in a game. Bailey took Ted Abernathy deep and Phil Regan in the 8th. Baily’s 8th inning home run gave the Expos a 6-2 lead. The Expos will lose 7-6 to the Chicago Cubs on a Walk-off homerun by Jim Hickman.

Bailey goes 4-4 with 5 RBI’s, in the nightcap he goes 2-2.

Bailey repeats the feat 2 days later in a 4-1 win against the St Louis Cardinals taking Dave Giusti twice.

Game Audio provided by Classic Baseball Classics, check out there youtube channel. 

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