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This Day in Baseball - The Daily Rewind

This podcast is for the baseball fan with a curious mind. We bring you one event from each day in the calendar and go well beyond the box score. Our stories are brief and fun and come with some surprises.

Mar 28, 2020

On March 28, 1913, the St. Louis Browns make an unusual “trade,” sending infielder Clyde “Buzzy” Wares to the Montgomery Rebels a minor league team in exchange for the rental of a stadium. The Montgomery Rebels will allow the Browns to use their stadium during spring training-rent free. he Southern Association Class-A team will return the 26 year-old infielder to St. Louis later in the season. He will debut on September 15, 1913   vs. BOS  and he goes 0-1. Wares will play part of the 1913 and 1914 season in St Louis and hang around in the minors until 1920.

The Browns didn’t tell Wares about the deal until the last minute. When the manager called Buzzy into his office on the last day of spring training, Wares thought it was to tell him he had made the team with his strong play. However, skipper, George Stovall informed Wares that he was staying in Montgomery, telling him “You’re the payment for our grounds rental.” He played over 250 games of Montgomery.  Wares will later rejoin the Cardinals as a coach for the Gas House Gang teams.

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